About me

Lau King, being an attentive soul sensing the world in its own beauty, photography and visual images become the medium for her expression of the aesthetics of the world. 

Over 7 years of photography experience, she has worked for various brands like Dior, Cathay Pacific, Lalique, Chow Sang Sang, City of Dream, Le French May, JINNNN etc... 

Other than commercial work, King has also held several art exhibitions in both Hong Kong and China. And some of her artworks are opened for sale and exhibited on the on of the largest curated online Asian art gallery - The Artling. 

King's talent has won her the international exposure. She recently being invited and featured at Apple's social media Instagram. Her work has also been featured at Singapore Tatler magazine. 

Exhibitions History

- "Photography Wonder" in Guangzhou, 2018 (Photography)
- "Flying Jackets" in Shanghai, 2016 (Commissioned Artwork)
- “Equal Love” in Hong Kong, 2016 (Digital Print)
- “Treelogue” in Nanjing, 2015 (Crossover Art)

- One of the Hong Kong designated artist on "the Artling" - curated online Asian art gallery
Browse in the Artling - https://theartling.com/en/artists/lau-king/