Lau King is an artist specialised in photography. Being an adventurous and sensitive soul, photography and visual art become the medium for Lau King to express her personal philosophy and aesthetics of the world. Originally from Hong Kong, King’s photographs has been recognised across the globe and have won the artist numerous international awards. 

King has participating in both online and offline art exhibitions internationally. Her works have been cooperated and collected by worldwide collectors, art consultancy, hotel and interior designers. 


King's recently won the 2020 Top 10 Influential Artist Award in CADC China and also numerous international awards like the Bronze fine art photography Italian A’design award, London 6th Fine Art Photography Awards, Japan Mellow Art Award etc. She had also been invited and featured at Apple's social media Instagram, Singapore Tatler magazine, various Chinese media platform and publication in US. 

Artist Statement

Photography is a medium of contemplation of our world. What I capture is my unique way to perceive the world. Time and reality do not exist, and everything outside comes from the projection of our own consciousness. It is the reflection of my heart, standing in the perspective of an observer. The world is like my canvas. Every artwork reflects how my current frequency and consciousness connecting to the 3-dimension world. Each represents a piece of my soul in a specific point of time. 

By framing the ordinary world in a unique perspective and interesting vision, my works try to connect inner emotions with the audience, raise thoughts and create freshness from the daily routine. Transcending the ordinary world into an extraordinary dimension, exploring the boundary between photography and painting, re-challenging the traditional aesthetics.

Honor & Awards

Press & Publications
-  ArtCM Artist Interview, Nanjing 2020
-  City Spotlight: Hong Kong | #ArtInMyCity, the Artling, 2020
-  Apple's Instagram Featured Photographer 2019
-  Singapore Tatler Magazine 2019
-  The Sea Letter, USA 2019
-  ARTCLOUD Artist Featured 2019
- ARTCLOUD Artist Interview 2020 

- Artron News Announcement
- Juxtapoz Feature 
- U1 Art Lab Sharing

- China CACD, Top 10 Influential Artist, 2020
- London
6th Fine Art Photography Awards , Fine Art Professional Nominees 2020

- Japan Mellow Art Award, Special Prize 2020
- Italian A'Design Award and Competition, Photography Bronze Award 2019-2020
- ARTCLOUD China Signature Art Prize (SAP) Photography Finalist, 2019
- National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2019  (People & Mobile Catalogue) 
- Jury Award, CECA Guangzhou, 2019

Exhibitions History

  • Everything Can be Expected, Golden Valley Galleries, Suzhou 2021
  • Peace and Light, Cube Art Museum, Shanghai 2021
  • Her Performance, Light Art Gallery, Beijing 2021
  • A’design Award Exhibition, Museum of Design, Italy, 2020
  • Xian Design Complex Exhibition, Xian National Industrial Base, Xian, 2020
  • Hebei International Industrial Design Week, Rongcheng Civi Sports Center,   Hebei, 2020
  • An Overwhelming Experience: The Human - Earth Relationship, Design Art Concepts, Miami, 2020
  • The Prequel of Stones and Clouds, Golden Valley Galleries, Suzhou, 2020 
  • Pavilion of Cross-Media Art, Museum of Future Affairs, GuangZhou, 2020
  • The First Taihu Biennale, Artbund, Suzhou, 2019
  • Apocalypse of Art, Artcloud Global Originality Art Centre in Shenzhen 2019 
  • Xin Wei Du Wu Joint Exhibition, Wuhan, 2019 
  • Photography Wonder, La Camomille Creators' Commune, Guangzhou, 2018 
  • Flying Jackets, Wondulful Department, Shanghai, 2016 (Commissioned Artwork) 
  • Equal Love , The Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong, 2016 
  • Treelogue Keyne Centre, Nanjing, 2015

Represented by
Design Art Concepts, Miami
TheArtling, Singapore

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