Artwork "Instinct" included in the Rosewood Guangzhou Project

Interior Decoration

An Overwhelming Experience: The Human - Earth Relationship, Design Art Concepts, Miami 
(Virtual Exhibition)

Italy A'Design Award and Competition Photography Bronze Award

“ Apocalypse of Art”, Artcloud Global Originality Art Centre , Shenzhen 2019

"Photography Wonder" , Guangzhou (Group Exhibition) , 2018 (Photography)

" Flying Jackets " , Wondulful Department, Shanghai , 2016 (Commissioned Artwork) 

" Love Equality ", BigLove Alliance, Hong Kong  , 2015 (Digital Art)

Lalique , International Design Furniture Fair Hong Kong , 2015 (Creative Art Concept)

" Treelogue" , KIC Mall, Nanjing , 2015 (Crossover Art Installation)

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